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Porridge is a dish made by boiling ground, crushed, or chopped starchy plants — typically grain — in water or milk.

This is about oats for me. The first realisation about the importance of porridge hit me when we were hiking. First, we tried to imitate our usual breakfast: bread with some stuff, but soon we realised it is not easy to maintain this at hiking. Bread is not something you can easily buy in the Mountains and you cannot carry a huge bunch of bread at the same time. Second, when it is cold and hard to start your engine (your feet) a warm food means everything. Then we saw on one of our hikes in Sweeden – Kungsleden –  that lot of people have porridge for breakfast. What an excellent idea! It is quite lightweight to carry and you only need water to prepare it! So we started this eating habit as well.

Then the second realisation was in Scotland. We were hiking on the West Highland Way and had breakfast at the famous Kings House Hotel. It is a very old inn, and the lady who was probably the manager of the hotel noticed that we are foreigners so came to us and asked us what is porridge in our language? She was holding a notebook and quickly wrote down my answer: zabkása. This is how I contributed to history. So when archaeologists will find this notebook 1000 years from now, this was me who helped them remember how was the porridge in Hungarian!!!! I am already famous!

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