Letters from the moon

Connect to your creativity through the Moon cycles

Dear Star-Gazer,

Great to have you here. I think we are kindred spirits. Now we can gaze at the night sky together and wonder about the messages it might have for us.

Letters from the moon

Receive the letters 

Gain clarity for the upcoming Moon cycle.

New Moon is a new beginning and as every beginning has the magic of rebirth and it is a moment in time when we can tap into the unknown and feel the change that is possible for us. Perfect time to connect to our Soul and the messages of the Cosmos.

My intention is to help you notice what is present and what is unfolding, and celebrate life as it is. Not to get lost in our dreams and the future, but to be here and now. Root down and embody the wisdom into the present moment and into our hearts.


Hello, I am Agnes :o)

Mystic and wanderer. Astrology was the first best thing I have learnt in my life. It changed the way I think and gave me a deeper understanding of life. I would like to share my stargazing and tinkering with you as things always become better when we share them. I am passionate about living a soul-led life and doing purposeful work that serves me and others around me.


Letters from the Moon

Uplifting soulful letters –

A monthly Moon Musing

Come my dear friend and let’s gather around the fire each New moon and nourish each other

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