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Welcome creative soul, healer, crafter,  shaman, artist, truth seeker, wonderer, writer, magic maker.
I see you. Soul Magic Studio is a safe space to create. Here you can find support and inspiration to bring your ideas into life and explore your creative magic.

This is a place to:

» feel confident and strong «
» find faith and trust in yourself «
» heal you wounds «
» create and express yourself «
» connect with likeminded people «
» share your work «

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Soul Magic Studio is dedicated to support you on your quest to make this world a better place. Here you will find comfort, inspiration, replenishment and power to keep doing the amazing work you do so whole heartedly. 

These tools will help you to bring your vision to life.

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Do you crave to share your creative work with the world? I am working on a FREE e-course to help you build your own website with WordPress. It is made with simplicity in mind to avoid overwhelm and have the benefits of a beautiful website with clarity.

Bring your vision to life

1. Connect 
to your vision

  First step in making things real is to connect to your vision. Align with your Soul Wisdom. Light the fire of appreciation and love for your every day life. Love is a daily practice.

3. plan

Next step is planning. Create a step by step doable action plan, that will help you bring your vision to life. Planning is crucial part of the process. It is essential for keep doing the actual work that will make our vision real.

3. Do the work

These are the ordinary everyday actions. Some day it is very small, other days it can be a huge step. The clear vision and planning will keep you motivated and will help you keep doing the work, that will build your new reality that is aligned with your soul.


Bringing magic to the ordinary, everyday life. May you find here ideas and inspiration to live a more joyful and soul filled life.

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