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The Soul Magic Studio is a creative space dedicated to connect to high qualities of life, the essence of our source:

…. all things that make this life worth living.

Love is a daily practice, so here we acknowledge the need to not take love for granted, but something we have to cultivate. Like a little garden where we need to shower the flowers in order for them to  grow.

love is a daily practice 

Hello Friends,

I have been working in our own small family business since 2007 as more like the support person than the creative one, but I have been hearing the call to step up and create more of my own stuff.

I have experience in web design and astrology so I would like to combine the two in my work. And I am planning to start teaching you how to build your own website in a way that it is expressing your essence.

I am an idealist with Sagittarius sun and Pisces moon, but with my Capricorn rising sign, I also have my practical and “get things done” side.

Simplifying things has always been my passion. When you simplify your life, you get closer to the essence of who you are. It is no longer hidden beneath layers of unnecessary things. This is when you start really enjoying your life, as you are truly yourself. Ultimately this is the purpose in life and it is meant to be FUN.

It is simply a matter of small actions and time. It starts with the intention and slowing down to see the effect of your thoughts, possessions, actions and make a decision if this is really something you need. If it is really something that brings you and others JOY.

Letting go has a huge part in discovering more joy in life.

I love helping others bring their creative vision to life and help to make this world a better place.

Great to have you here
on this path to discovering your creative essence,

Agnes Kocsis

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