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Why would you want to use email marketing?

Let’s imagine, you have an online business and you already have a very nice website. Someone visits your website and really likes what you offer, but not ready to buy from you.

It is harder to get to know you online than back in the old days when people had only actual shops, where you have met in person with each other. So people might need more time and information to make a decision if they want to buy from you or not.

With a mailing list, you’re able to keep in touch with everyone who visited your website (once you ask for permission) and let them know when you have sales or when you’ve got something new to share with them. You can send them really useful information (not creepy stuff),  so they will like you and trust you and decide easier what to buy from you. This is why you need to capture emails on your website.

Emailing people via a newsletter is still the most effective way to communicate with an audience. While there are lots of tools you can use to send these emails, MailChimp is the best — and probably the tool used by the most users as well. 246 billion emails were sent via MailChimp in 2016 alone from their over-7 million users.

If you think MailChimp is not good enough, probably you haven’t used it the right way yet.

Why do I recommend MailChimp?

  • it is free to 2000 subscribers and 12000 emails a month – including automation, A/B testing, landing pages, and custom templates.
  • it is easy to integrate it with your other stuff, like WordPress and Woocommerce, SquareSpace website, your Shopify store, your Facebook and Twitter profiles.
  • the messaging and the graphics make it fun to use! I love that Chimp:o)

Examples of using email marketing in ways you probably not thought of:

  • write a second email to those people who were interested (for example clicked on the link and checked out the product) in your first offer
  • write to people who visited your shop page, but did not finish buying from you
  • creating automated letters, so you can keep a personal touch while saving time for you
  • use your purchase data to send personalized campaigns and better understand how your marketing affects your customers
  • with the reports included, you can check how well you’re connecting with your audience and how much money you’re bringing in

The sign-up process is easy and fun, so why not start today
and sign up for a MailChimp account.

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