Receiving guidance

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In our overwhelmed world, receiving guidance is often misunderstood. We receive too much information daily, yet fail to receive guidance that is actually helpful. I am talking about spiritual guidance here, talking about the wisdom of our own hearts.

This guidance is there when we are listening and also when we trust. It requires a more quiet and slower pace. Like we are there for a friend we need to be there to receive our guidance. Spend some time with the Soul of the World and the Hand that Wrote All (my favourite terminology for God used in the novel Alchemist).

This guidance feels like coming from the heart and not the thinking head. It is more clear and feels good.

And then act from the heart, rather than try to figure it out all by yourself. You don’t need to know all the steps when you follow GUIDANCE. You just need to take this step right now. And often baby steps are enough.

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