Nature is your best teacher

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It all started on the Internet – the web of human consciousness. My husband was browsing some sites about hiking and asked me If I would like to go on a hike around Mount Blanc? “Ok let’s go, I really like walking after all…” I thought. Well, I had no idea what it is really meant to hike on the mountains and carrying all you might need: food, shelter, medicine, clothes, etc. on roads you can only reach by foot. But it did sound exciting and well I have my adventurous part of my personality, besides the shy, worrying too much (yeah we can have it all!!!) person inside of me. So we went hiking. 10 days in the mountains with very basic human facilities. Sometimes no water, limited food and well certainly no proper loo. It was only the start of our adventures and we visited many remote locations on Planet Earth – or Mother Nature. And now I can officially announce that Mother Nature is the best ever teacher on this Universe.

walking in the woods

We learned to let go of things we didn’t need. (after all when you have to carry everything it is very easy to let go of unnecessary things) · You start to notice real beauty more easily. (it is such a beautiful planet we live on). You start to care about your planet and want to preserve it’s beauty for future generations (so we started thinking about less waste and garbage, and well now, we don’t even have a car). You start to enjoy simplicity and silence.

Walking is kind of hard. Walking a day in the city? You get tired as hell! But walking in nature gives you so much energy, that after it all, it is somehow giving you back the energy you’ve used. And what about sleeping outside? Carrying your home on your back….and sleeping wherever you feel it is the right place today.

your home is where your heart is

It is such magic. Staring at the stars before you go to sleep (well, if you can stay up, because sometimes you just need to sleep without waiting for the sun to set) And the sleeping… is not as comfortable as your bed at home, and you do wake up with aches all over your body, but it is settled as you start walking again, and you feel alive and strong again. Alive and strong. That is the greatest gift of nature. And I am grateful for that.

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