Why the Moon?

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Since the beginning of time, the moon has shown us that there is more out there! We could see by looking up, that there is more to our imagination. The moon as we see it from the Earth waxing and waning making it a great marker of the passing of time. The Moon is the great mystic in the sky!

In astrology, the Moon represents our feminine psychic, emotions, and body. No wonder the menstrual cycle is synced with the Moon. It affects fluids on this Planet, look at the tide of the ocean!

When we follow the Moon cycle we connect to the feminine archetype more deeply, our intuition gets amplified, we know better what is going on in our mind, body and emotional life and we can take better care of ourselves.

When the Moon is full we have more energy, sometimes even too much as we often sleep less under the Full Moon. The Full Moon will amplify any emotions we are currently dealing with so it makes it a great time to recognize and release any unnecessary burden. When things get amplified we can be more aware of what is going on in our life. Awareness is the key to healing and releasing. Acknowledge and accept what you are going through and it is enough to release any attachment to drama.

When the Moon is not visible in the Dark Moon sky, we have less energy, so it is a great time to rest and reflect on the passing Moon cycle. Practice stillness and listening. Imagine that the dark of the night grants you wisdom directly from the Stars!!! How cool is that? 🙂 Then the Moon turns to her new cycle and starts to be visible, the New Moon, brings us freshness every month, just like after our menstrual cycle we often feel a new. This makes it a great time to set intentions for the new cycle. Make a wish and give it to the moon!

It is a great way to work with the Moon through a journaling practice. Writing makes your intentions more solid and you can become more aware of what is going on in your life!

I have a Moon journal practice I like to do almost daily, following the Moon cycle and the Astrological sign the Moon in on the day helps me tap into the energy of the day! Just the awareness is useful, and I don’t journal about it every day, it depends on what I am going through. You can find my journal here.

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